Experience Japan’s “rakugo,” a traditional, humorous storytelling.

– It’s free for international audience.
(We would really appreciate it if you could take a little time at the end to give us some comments and feedback.)

– Venue: Online(zoom)
– Date and time: Sunday, August 28 2022 (in some places, August 27)
1:30p.m. – 3p.m. Japan time

2:30pm-4pm (Sunday) AU AEST (Sydney)
12:30pm-2pm (Sunday) Singapore
5:30am-7am (Sunday) UK
9:30pm-11pm (Saturday, 27th) U.S. PDT
18:30pm-20pm (Saturday, 27th) U.S. HADT

It’s a great opportunity to relax and have fun watching the performance and learn about Japanese culture.
It’s good for children (10 years old and older), students and adults.

– Performer: Sayohime (professional English rakugo performer with 20 years of experience),
She has done rakugo overseas, inbound tourist events for many years.
Tanukichi (11 year-old student)

About Sayohime:


1, This is Rakugo by Sayohime
Rakugo introduction and demonstration

2, Ice cream by Tanukichi
A man visits his master and eats noodles. The man also wants to eat
ice cream. What kind of ice cream does the master serve to the man?

3, Samurai by Sayohime
A samurai couldn’t sleep at all at a Japanese inn the previous night.
He wants to sleep well tonight and stays at another inn.
But the three guests next to his room are getting noisy.
He comes up with a plan… Is today the day he can finally sleep well?

4, Workshop
Let’s try some short English rakugo stories with Sayohime.

How to join:

Please send a message “the rakugo event in August” with your name and email address
To: Sayaka Kanai (event host and facilitator)

We will get back to you with the event details.